Enterprise Computing

We help you design enterprise class systems to manage your business' collaboration and messaging needs, walk you through going green and increasing your profit margin by moving to a virtualized datacenter, and create elegant storage solutions to accommodate your growing business.

Enterprise Computing Services forms the nucleus of an organization that helps to keep pace with changing demands with respect to storage capacity, server management/ administration, user management and information management. Our portfolio of service includes:

a) Active Directory Service:
Active directory is a directory service used to store information about the network resources across domain. A centralized and standard system that automates network management and user data
b) Antivirus Service:
Service that helps protect data from external or any malicious forms like Trojan, malwares etc...
Storage Solution: 
Storage solution generally refers to strong data ,but on a whole it also needs the safe and secure readiness and availability to ensure a complete storage platform service
c) Server Virtualization:
Masking of server resources to make efficient use of service resources, performing testing and development reduce TCO and administrator bandwidth
d) Patch Management: 
Yet another service that ensures latest updates and fixes related to the operating system are addressed and any vulnerabilities if any.
e) Collaboration suite: 
Exchanging data scarily or instantly is a very critical component of a daily life.Be it mail service or instant messaging, collaborating together which proves to be a powerful and effective way of communication in this digital era.