Our Customers

Private Organizations: 

Today, private enterprises face immense challenges to stay agile and responsive to dynamic business environments - forcing them to re-think and modernize IT infrastructure. 
As a trusted partner in transforming IT infrastructure, StarOne IT helped many leading enterprises operating in financial services, retail & consumer products, facility management and IT/ITES domains to improve agility, reliability, flexibility and reduce cost by 30-40%. 

Customer Benefits and Value Realization:

  • Enhanced IT operational efficiencies, lower IT spending and opened new revenue streams
  • High availability, simplified networks and superior levels of customer service
  • Reduced downtime, enhanced IT productivity and end-user experience
  • Streamlined, integrated and comprehensive IT security and reduced risk

​Our customer list in the category includes; Technopark campus India, Software development Firms, IT organizations, Financial firms etc...


Public Sector Enterprises: 

Public sector enterprises face intense pressure and uncertainty in executing IT projects with strict mandates, tough timelines in a cost effective way.
They need to adapt to the digital age, transcend IT to offer diverse public services and emerge more efficient. StarOne IT helped large public sector enterprises to transform existing IT infrastructure to make it smart, connected and agile.

Customer Benefits and Value Realization:

  • Better IT operational efficiencies, optimized IT investments and improve outcomes
  • Achieved agility and flexibility of IT infrastructure to support new missions
  • Better regulatory compliance, transparency and accountability in offering IT based social & citizen services
  • Increased accessibly, IT security and managed processes.

Our customers in public sector includes; ISRO, India Air Force, Kerala Forest Department and still many more...


Educational Institutions: 

To fulfill the demands of today's competitive educational ecosystem, the institutions increasingly capitalize on next-generation IT platforms to deliver learning objectives.
As a strategic partner, StarOne IT helped many leading schools, professional colleges and research institutions to transform IT infrastructure as a platform to deliver knowledge-sharing, social learning and IT based continuous learning programs. 

Customer Benefits and Value Realization:

  • 24/7 network management and proactive support to ensure smooth operation of institution's end-to-end IT infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring, routine maintenance and troubleshooting to optimize IT performance
  • Highly scalable, optimized IT infrastructure for virtual learning applications with lower cost and reduced maintenance
  • Secure and customizable IT infrastructure solutions to adapt to changing demands

Our key customers includes; Educational institutions in the Middle East, Engineering colleges across Kerala etc..​


HealthCare Organizations: 

Today’s healthcare landscape is demanding and unrelenting.  The rapid changes forced healthcare organizations to modernize their current IT infrastructure to become more connected, smarter, agile and consumer-centric.
StarOne IT helped many healthcare organizations to revitalize their IT infrastructure to work smarter for better Healthcare.

Customer Benefits and Value Realization:

  • Effective IT administration and proactive monitoring of healthcare networks
  • Streamlined operations, improved resource and IT asset utilization
  • Reduced cycle time, enhanced data security and meet IT regulatory compliance
  • IT infrastructure as a catalyst for delivering quality health services and reduced total cost of ownership

Our key customers in healthcare industry includes; Various multi-speciality hospitals across kerala, Eye specialist hospitals etc...